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user interface design

A new mobile experience inspired by Leica's iconic industrial design. This easy to use companion app consolidates the connected experience for Leica's 9 digital camera systems.


The frontier for today's photographer's workflow
is mobile.
Camera-equipped mobile devices have revolutionised the way we capture and consume images. Frustratingly, for more serious photographers, powerful large format cameras don't live up to the convenience and seamlessness of snapping with a smartphone; all too often requiring a cable and computer to get at their latest images. We are working with Leica Camera AG to realise the next generation of products that are photographer centric and bring together the quality of large lenses with the connectivity of mobile products.
To iterate on design quicker we built a prototyping tool for Framer X that enables easy layout of image grids (featured in Framer blog).
Smart design navigates the limitations and capabilities of platforms to create seamless experiences between the camera and the Leica FOTOS app.
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