Building new products with confidence

New product

Developing a new product for any business means breaking ground which can be daunting. We recognise this, and we've combined the best approaches from industrial design with years of experience working with software product teams to manage the risks and deliver excellent user experience.

Deep understanding of types of users your product is targeting, their context, behaviours and motivations.

Understand the users
The biggest challenge with great insights is how to use them to drive the creation of a great product experience.
Translation of insights into product experience
Efficient product delivery
At least 60% of the design work is done while building the product. We balance the time to market, incremental delivery against the north start product vision, all while maintaining a high quality of user experience.
Luke Abrams
VP of Product, Masternaut
"Little Voice is awesome. I love working with you guys and building with confidence."


Stage 1
Internal interviews
Did you know that 90% of insights are already within your organisation but they aren't translated into your products
Customer interviews and observation
We put every effort into finding the people that fit your user profile, interview them and map their behaviour drivers and jobs to be done
Insights workshop
Insights are more valuable when they are shared. We create a common ground for your entire team by bringing them all together in an in-person workshop where we share our insights, involve and engage them in our future concept work
Design concepts
Insights from research become visible and tangible representations in the end-user experience
Feedback and iteration
Through feedback cycles we arrive at the design that's aligned with your user needs, business strategy and engineering capability.


Stage 2
Dev team integration
We work with your dev team to establish a workflow based on best practices and the most efficient tools and pipelines available
Developer handoff
We optimise for smooth and efficient delivery of design systems, assets and guidelines directly into development environments (React/Vue UI components on GitHub)
Continuous collaboration
Unforeseen use cases are uncovered as the development goes on. We evolve the design and align to the development schedule
Design reviews and QA
Implementation of the design is what end users see and interact with. We maintain high standards of execution in every increment and every sprint