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Little Voice helps your business to differentiate your products and services. We do this by crafting exceptional UX/UI so that you can unlock growth.

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Think strategically while deliver technically.

We work consultativly and collaborative. We bring a wealth of experience to deliver work that is pragmatic, hearty and holistic.


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We’re trusted by our clients to take their product experiences to the next level, solve critical business problems, make an impact and scale through design.

Pushing creative boundaries and technologies, you've come to the right place, This way, we can cut out all the project management and focus just on the design processes

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Years of experience to create unique design in agile and fast manner



This way, we can cut out all the project management and focus just on the design processes

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Ultimately, it's all about how we work together. We engage individuals within your organisation, including your sales team and senior executives, through face-to-face dialogue and ‘design open houses’. This means we can bridge the gaps between team disciplines to ensure your product’s seamless: development and build and a problem-free launch.

Vladimir Khokhlov

Vlad, co-founder of Little Voice, has a distinguished career in design. He has held leadership roles at Microsoft, Skype, and Sony, where he spearheaded design initiatives for cutting-edge products. Before that, he started his career at Native Design and worked on some of Nokia's most innovative products.

Vlad graduated from Ravensbourne college, where he studied Interaction design and holds six patents. His expertise, experience and infectious enthusiasm make him a valuable asset to the UX design community.

Dmytro Izotov

Dmytro, co-founder of Little Voice, has a track record of innovation in video communication. He played a crucial role in redefining video communication at Skype and Microsoft, where he brought his expertise in human-computer interaction to bear on some of their most ground-breaking products. Before that, he started his career as a software developer at Philips Research labs.

Dmytro holds a master's degree in Robotics, a Professional Doctorate in Engineering & User System Interaction and has been granted seven patents for his work.

His tenacity to create the best UX, his persistence in the pursuit of knowledge and rigour of thinking he applies to all design challenges makes him well-respected figure in the UX design industry.

Natasha Sopeiva

Natasha, a partner at Little Voice, brings a wealth of experience to the table. She has managed design at Octopus Investments fund and held key product design roles at Canon, Skype, and eBay. Her expertise in design has been recognised with the awarding of eight patents.

Natasha holds a master's degree in Interaction Design from Ivrea Interaction Design Institute and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Linguistics. Her diverse educational background and experience have given her a unique perspective on user-centred design, making her a valuable asset to the Little Voice team.

Robert Forrest

Robert, a partner at Little Voice, has managed design at Honda in Japan and held key design roles at Lotus, GM and BMW.

Expertise in delivery of automotive brand experiences and CX




Product strategy

We are is looking for a Front-end developer with an in-depth knowledge of React.js and an affinity for the creative side of development. We are looking for someone who will be able to develop and maintain creative websites, contribute to internal projects and planning discussions, develop reusable code and libraries for future use, document code and collaborate with the UI/UX Designers, in order to improve the final product.

Minimum 4 years experience in creative development

Minimum 2 years experience with React.js

Excellent knowledge of modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript (ES6)

Good knowledge of animation libraries (ex: GSAP) & build tools (Node.js, Webpack)

Basic knowledge of Git, and popular CMS platforms

Bonus: WebGL, Canvas, CSS-in-JS, GraphQL, SSR/SSG

Job Status: Full time Experience: 4 years Location: Palo Alto, CA

Customer experience design

Software developoment










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