Great products come from a deep understanding of people and how they interact with technology

Research insight

We identify barriers to product growth and remove them in order to improve the customer experience and the value of your product.

We use quantitative metrics to help formulate questions and then conduct qualitative research to gain a deeper understanding of your customers motivations. We search for sources of struggle, workarounds, moments of excitement and anger to draw a complete picture of how well a product fits into peoples' lives.

Using internal insights and user interviews, as well as wider market and technology drivers, we create a complete contextual picture of your product.
Research users, employees and data
Powered by customer insights we help to connect individuals within your organisation to create a shared vision of your product and your customers challenges.
Aligning your organisation behind your product
Test at every stage, then test again
Testing and validating frequently is key to great design. We test design at all stages from concept through to prototypes to product builds – always learning and iterating as we go.
It's typically because connections haven't been easy to make between disparate data sets that may have meaning—especially information that lives outside of a given system, function, or business unit.
of insights already in your possession are untapped
Deloitte Insights
We identify barriers to product growth and remove them in order to improve the customer experience and the value of your product.


Stage 1
Internal interviews
We start with the people within your organisation, who provide great insights into why things are the way they are and what questions need to be asked of customers
Metrics analysis
With so much data available on user behaviour, the challenge is to make sense of it all. We review your existing data, come up with relevant hypotheses, and adjust the key behaviour metrics to track
Customer interviews and observation
We put every effort into finding the people that fit your user profile, interview them and map their behaviour drivers and jobs to be done
Product Testing
Regardless of whether we're working with a concept, prototype or an existing product, we put it through user testing to gain further insights into possible opportunities and potential issues


Stage 2
Analyse and summarise
We identify patterns, outliers, cross-overs in the quantitative and qualitative data. We then summarise your customers' behaviour drivers to create a clear model of what they are trying to achieve
Insights are only valuable if they are actionable. We identify key areas that will create growth for your product
Insights workshop
Insights are more valuable when they are shared. We create a common ground for your entire team by bringing them all together in an in-person workshop where we share our insights and involve them in our future concept work